First Experiences


First Experiences Preschool is a ministry of

First United Methodist Church                                
4600 Stockdale Hwy Bakersfield, CA  

(p) 661-395-0225  (f) 661-631-2240

Director:  Julie Elsberry 
Facility Number  - 153801021

Enrollment Policy: Enrollment shall be granted without discrimination in regard to sex, race, color, religious or political belief.  Enrollment shall be open to any child, provided we can meet the needs of the child.  First Experiences reserves the right to discontinue service to families if the director determines the school cannot effectively meet the family’s needs.  In such case, the director will send written notice to the family regarding discontinuation of services.  A parent/guardian has the right to appeal the director’s decision to the Preschool Advisory Board whose decision is final. 

First Experiences Preschool will provide a program that will support and stimulate growth in all developmental areas:  social, physical, creative, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual, as all areas of a child’s development are important.  The emphasis will be divided between socialization skills, academic readiness, and creativity.

First Experiences Preschool is a ministry of First United methodist Church. Its purpose is to develop the potential of each student in the image of God, reflecting His glory, and enjoying His creation. Through our carefully planned program, our aim is to prepare children for academic success and to nurture their Christian character. 


Program Methods